Where cutting-edge technology meets human touch. Where every step is confident, precise and informed. Where the limits of vision are redefined by the PULSE of innovation.

Enhance your spacial awareness.

Go beyond vision. Pulse-In

3D Object Mapping. For when things get too close.

Using an array of sensors, the Pulse-In system will constantly monitor, analyze and predict objects` distances and locations. Usering a new era of navigation and independence.

Multi-Sensory Feedback Alerts. Vibrations and Audio.

Pulse-In will then describe this environment through strategically placed Haptic Drives and Bone Conducting ear buds - You will know exactly where the obstacles are and be guided through the safest path. Step by step. Know when it`s safe to cross, when to step over, when to turn right, when to duck, when to stop, when to continue straight, when to sidestep, when to avoid left, when to ...

Beyond walking. Pal-C

A Personal Life-Style Assistant.

Pal-C is built on Artificial Intelligence to be by side through your day to day activities. From cooking delicious meals to navigating the gym with confidence, Pal-C will be your trusted companion every step of the way. With intuitive features like reading, cleaning, and even controlling home appliances, Pal-C ensures independence and convenience like never before.


The combination of sensors and Machine Learning allows Pulse to adapt to changing envrionments and learn your routine.


Customize Pulse to fit within your needs. Command what, how, and when to narrate. Adjust haptic intensity.


Elevate your experience from simple navigation to comprehensive assistance with inuitive day to day tasks.


Unit sells

Sensors, Haptics and Audio.

Base model Pal-C.

Real-time obstactle detection.

Full aid obstacle navigation.

2 years Machine Learning.



iOS and Android Application.

Intergrates with Pulse-In.

Real-time obstacle detection.

Full aid obstacle navigation.

Continous Machine Learning.

Personal Assistant.

Intuitive Life-style Assistant.

Dont Miss Major Milesotnes.

March 2024

Pre Seed Funding

1 January, 2024

Offical Website Launch

10 January, 2024

Legal Formation and IP protection

10 January, 2024

Pulse II Prototype Development

June 2024

Finalize Business Model
Series A Funding
Community Outreach

November 2024

Further Development of Pulse II
User Testing and Improvements

April 2025

Complete Development of Pulse II
Finilize Launch Strategy
Beta Testing and Feedback Gathering

May 2025 & Onwards

Offical Pulse II Launch
Continous Improvements and Updates
Scale Production and Operations

Raphael Mwachiti

CEO & Business Development

Computer Science

Mariya Putwa

CFO & Head of Marketing

Computer Science

Lara Kipkeu

CTO & Head of Operations

Electrical Engineering

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